Dynamic Training Aid

This Dynamic training aid is designed to increase the correlation between skill development and in game usage by having players interact with the training device rather than pre-programming their movements. Players will need to interact with the moving stick and use the visual cues to decide the most effective elimination technique to use. Much like a game, player’s success rate will depend not he timing of their deking as well as their deke selection. The Dynamic stimulates the brain more than any other training aid on the market. By using the Dynamic, players are able to develop cognitive skills that are essential in today’s game.

How it works:

  • As the player skates towards the Dynamic, it will trigger the sensor for the sticks to initiate interaction with the player
  • The direction of the stick movement is completely random
  • The range of the stick movement will vary from 40 degrees to 720 degrees
  • Within a split second, players will need to identify the stick direction and select the best deking option in order to get past the Dynamic training aid

Key Points:

    1. Cognitive Training
    2. Improves Decision Making
    3. Increases Game Transferable Deking
    4. Improves Effective Puck Placements

Reactive Light Interaction

The Reactive Light component to our training system stimulates the development of peripheral vision in our athletes. The term hockey IQ has become a broad term used to describe a trait that all great players posses. The Reactive Light directly improves the three components of hockey IQ: information processing, the ability to zoom out into wider vision frames and effective eye placements. By using the Reactive Light, coaches are able to understand what is the field of view for each player. If the player didn’t make the right play in a game, it’s likely because they didn’t see it!

How it works

  • Our coaches will communicate the meaning of each colour to the players
  • As the players skate through the drill, the coach will control the colours of the light
  • As the light colour changes, the player must change their movement to match the assigned meaning of that specific colour

Key Points

    1. Improves Peripheral Vision
    2. Improves Information Processing
    3. Improves Effective Eye Placements
    4. Improves Reactivity

Static Apparatus

The Static Apparatus serves as the base of the Kaivo Interactive Training System. They are designed to increase edge stability and balance points through various in game movements. These 6 foot tall apparatus’s are used in replace of standard cones. Unlike other standard training aids and cones, the Static’s force players to adjust their body to avoid making contact with the apparatus.

How it works

The Static’s can be used in three different ways:

  • No add-ons – serves as the base to our training system
  • Stick attachment – improves effective puck placements
  • Connecting the Statics – improves edge stability + forces players to stay low through various movements

Key Points

    1. Improves Edge Stability
    2. Improves movement in tight area
    3. Increases Spacial Awareness





1. Read through each category (skating, stickhandling, shooting, scoring, defensive tactics) that we have to offer. 

2. Think about which categories you would like to train 

3. Click “Create your program” to register for a session

4. In the training form that follows, select the categories you would like to train 

5. Complete training form 

6. Receive confirmation email 


You will have the autonomy to pick the development topics in which you would like to work on (not the program level).  We will then place you in the program level based on our assessment.


As Kinesiologists, we have combined our extensive knowledge of biomechanics and hockey to construct this ELITE program.  This program was designed by breaking down our NHL client programs into a format in which younger players can track their development journey compared to the best in the world. It teaches young players the foundations and progressions that we have found to be at the core of elite player success at the highest levels. The progressions of the program are designed to accompany players from the minor hockey levels to major junior and collegiate players.THIS PROGRAM IS TRULY ONE OF A KIND AND UNPARALLELED IN THE DEVELOPMENT WORLD!



  1. Read through each category (skating, stickhandling, shooting, scoring, defensive tactics) that we have to offer.
  2. Think about which categories you would like to train
  3. Click “Create your program” to register for a session
  4. In the training form that follows, select the categories you would like to train
  5. Complete training form
  6. Receive confirmation email


If you are an existing client:

  • We will allow you to choose 2-3 development topics (Skating, handling, shooting, offensive skills, defensive skills) in which to work from
  • Then we will place you in a program within those topics based on our assessment of the player and their needs

If you are a new client:

  • We will use our first session to assess your abilities
  • You will also get to choose development topics (Skating, handling, shooting, offensive skills, defensive skills) in which you would like to work on
  • We will then place you in the programs within those topics based off our assessment



  • Book 5 sessions or less and you can choose up to 2 development topics
  • Book more than 5 sessions and you can choose 3 or more development  topics
  • The last 10-15 minutes of each session will include drills from another topic of the program to keep the training well-rounded
  • Do you have to sign up for all 5 sessions right away?
    • No, if we are booked up and there are no more sessions please email us and let us know that you are planning to book at least 5 sessions with us and we will create your program accordingly.



  • After registering for classes/sessions. We will send out an email (if you are an existing client) with what level of programming we have placed you in
  • Coaches will have constant dialogue with players throughout our sessions regarding progress and obstacles that the player is facing.



Each individual will be working on their individual player program while working with other players. Coaches will emphasize different components of movements to different players. We will prepare practice designs which allow each player to not simply perform a drill but rather learn the skill that is a part of their individual player program.


Alex Kerfoot Skating


Alex Kerfoot

It’s a pleasure to work with Justin. I have learnt how passionate he is about coaching but I also learnt how intelligent he is. He has the ability to translate a comprehensive understanding of biomechanics into the sport of hockey in order to train efficient, applicable movements. As opposed to some coaches who I have worked with in the past, Justin has a purpose and a reason behind every movement he teaches. His innovative training philosophy is designed to mimic in-game scenarios, which means the skills you learn at Kaivo are directly transferrable to your on-ice performance. I am really looking forward to continue working with Justin because I think he can help take my game to the next level!

Vancouver Canucks

Adam Gaudette

I’ve had the opportunity to skate with Justin. I took away so much from the training. Justin teaches little things that you can adjust and change your game enormously. His philosophy on small, quick movements allow you to be more efficient and deceptive on defenders. I’m looking forward to continue working with Justin!
Nic Patan Skaing


Nic Petan

Justin has helped open my eyes to the detailed part of my game throughout our training. Working on details from cut backs to puck protection to quicker puck handling and body fakes have been super effective for me to translate to in-game situations. I've been impressed at his overall view of the game and of how he studies the game. Justin has perfected his on-ice movements and is able to teach them with detail. I'm very excited to continue working with him!

About Us

Justin Rai is the founder of Kaivo Hockey. He grew up in the lower mainland playing for the North Shore Winter Club for the majority of his minor hockey. He began his junior hockey career playing Junior B for the Richmond Sockeyes. He played the next 3 seasons in Junior A for the Prince George Spruce Kings in the British Columbia Hockey League (BCHL). Through his playing career in the BCHL he earned a scholarship to an NCAA Division 1 Hockey East school, the University of Maine. The prestigious Maine hockey program consists of alumni such as Paul Kariya, Ben Hutton, Ben Bishop, Gustav Nyqvist, Devin Shore and Scott Darling.


Jonathan Philley is the Head of Strength/Conditioning and a Head On Ice Skills Coach for Kaivo Hockey.  He began his junior hockey career playing Junior B for the Mission City Outlaws and eventually the Aldergrove Kodiaks  (PJHL). Following Junior B, Jonathan travelled east to play Junior A hockey for the Dryden Ice Dogs where he would finish his junior career.  Through his time in Dryden he earned a scholarship to play at the college level in St. Louis, Missouri (NCAA) where he received awards in both academics and athletics while pursuing his degree in Biomedical Physiology and Health Science.  Jonathan is currently an ACE certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer, providing high-performance development programs for his clients both on the ice and off the ice.

Kaivo Hockey focuses on the fine details that breed dynamic players with elite skill sets. Explosive speed, deceptive stick handling and hockey IQ are all essential details that have become the fundamentals behind success in today’s world of hockey. With the game becoming faster each generation, the margin separating players is becoming finer. Kaivo Hockey provides a high intensity environment in which technicalities are tediously taught, while also encouraging mistakes because they are the roots to success. Proper practice accelerates improvement – at Kaivo Hockey we do not simply go through drills.

Justin Rai


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